Monetize your "Smart Association" through Automated Work Flow & Channelized Communication across digital gadgets and Internet of Things.

guildKraft helps membership based associations to embrace the digital world through automating the communications between the internal processes with the members via connecting varieties of digital gadgets. While your members are using smart machines and gadgets every day, you need transform your processes to connect to these machines to retain, build the memberships and introduce new breed of services by identifying hot-spots through the Internet of Things initiatives.

Autonomous Association through Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence.

Smart associations Management through state-of-the-art process automations and life Cycle management of members and the digital gadgets they are aligned with. guildKraft helps the organization to introduce artificial intelligence across all the vertical and horizontal business units.

Process Management from Centralized Location

guildKraft reduces your complexities in dealing with membership management, events management and various internal operational processes.

Transform Your association into "smart Association" by transforming the Ad-Hoc Membership, Operations & Event Activities Into An Effective Automated Business Process enabled by smart machines and gadgets.

guildKraft reduces complexities and improve efficiencies in membership management, events management and various internal operational process management. We use state-of-the-art Processes, Agile-ERP, Smart Associations Management System, Smart Social Media and Smart Customer Relationship Management to raise your bar of excellence.

From Membership Subscription To Conducting Events

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What's Best About guildKraft?

Accounts Receivable / Payables

Budget Control

Human Asset Management

Sales Mark-up

Financial & HR Score Cards

Aggregated reports

Invoice Automation

Integration to third-party tools

guildKraft brings in the smart & Automated CRM, ERP and Process Management under one platform.